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Brown Haired Beauty
A song for my wife;
we met on Maui, Christmas Eve. 
 Hawaiian Perfection
Everyone knew,
 they were a part of you.
 In My Imagination
Just let your mind go somewhere,
like that sandy beach by the sea.
Time Changes Everything
A song for my grandson, a Christmas gift.
Give The One You Love A Chance
Hand in Hand at the drive-in show
Leaving Lahaina
She said good-bye,
turned and walked away from me.
My Christmas Dream
A true story
Christmas In Hawaii
Santa flying through the night sky
in an outrigger canoe.
One Christmas Time Ago
A brief encounter
with a beautiful dark haired lady,
One Christmas Time Ago
The True Son
A child is born, it is the first Christmas
Full Album Download
Full Album Download
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George Lovato Sings

Christmas time, 1988, George is having fun entertaining family and friends

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