Christmas In Hawaii

My Christmas Dream (3:40)
A true story
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One Christmas Time Ago (3:31)
A brief encounter with a beautiful dark haired lady,
One Christmas Time Ago.

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Brown Haired Beauty (2:45)
A song for my wife; we met on Maui, Christmas Eve.
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Time Changes Everything (4:15)
A song for my grandson, a Christmas gift.

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Christmas In Hawaii (2:32)
Santa flying through the night sky in an outrigger canoe.
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In My Imagination (4:17)
Just let your mind go somewhere, like that sandy beach by the sea.
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Hawaiian Perfection (4:27)
Everyone knew,
they were a part of you. 

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Give The One You Love A Chance (4:30)
Hand in hand at the drive-in show.
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Leaving Lahaina (3:54)
She said goodbye, turned and walked away from me.
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The True Son (4:31)
Dedicated To Brother Joe...Who inspired me for the musical creation of The True Son.  Brother Joe loved the song.

A child is born, it is the first Christmas.
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